Factors You Should Consider While Buying Your Rainwater Tank

Would you like to buy a rainwater tank soon to capture some of the downpour? Rainwater tanks have become so common today in residential properties thanks to the benefits they offer. Other than storing free rainwater to help minimise your utility bills, these tanks help shrink the environmental footprint by minimising your demand for the water from the primary grid as well as the water that gets to the rivers and oceans.

But before you search for rainwater tanks for sale, it's crucial to know some basic tips on how to choose an ideal tank for your residential property. Some of these pointers are outlined below.


One of the main challenges homeowners face while choosing water tanks is the material. Ideally, the tank material one chooses must be sturdy and robust to ensure light doesn't get into the tank to promote algae growth. The good news is that there are many tank materials you can consider today, and this includes polyethylene or plastic, concrete, fibreglass and galvanised steel. All these materials offer unique benefits, so you have to evaluate your options before making a choice. The easiest way to make a smart choice is to conduct research and then discuss your needs with a reputable expert before buying.

Size and shape

The other factor you need to consider is the size of the tank. Can a 5000 gal water tank meet your requirements or fit in your deck? Should you choose a round or slimline tank? Usually, the size of the tank should be determined by your household needs. The shape, on the other hand, should be determined by the available installation space. For instance, if you have a narrow space in your yard, you should consider getting a slimline tank. Squat and round tanks can fit under decks if you don't have adequate space in your yard.


The budget you have allocated for a tank will determine the kind of tank you'll get. Normally, the prices of water tanks vary depending on the material, size, strength, and finish of the tank. So, the cost of a 5000 gal water plastic tank will definitely vary from that of a steel one. Since your goal is to get value, it's always advisable to go for the most durable material, regardless of the cost. Get several quotations from tank manufacturers and then compare the rates. This will make it easier for you to get the best deal the market can offer.

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