Some simple maintenance checks to keep your 4-in-1 bucket in top condition

One of the advantages of a 4-in-1 bucket is that it needs very little maintenance. However, there are some important safety checks you should do before you use it. Here is a quick guide to what you should do to keep your bucket in good working order.

Check the stickers

Your bucket will probably include various safety stickers. These are not just there for decoration. They contain important information on how to use your bucket safely and effectively, so make sure they are not peeling off and are not covered in mud.

Check the nuts and bolts

Check all the linkages and pins on the bucket. The nuts and bolts should all be tight, and there shouldn't be any excess wear causing them to wobble. Any that are coming loose should be tightened up immediately—your manual will give you information on how to do this. Not only is it unsafe to have loose bolts, but it could stop the bucket from working efficiently.

Check the hose

The hydraulic system is a vital part of your 4-in-1 bucket. You should make sure that there are no leakages in the hose or any of the other fittings. Leaks will stop the bucket from opening and closing properly, so you should get the bucket repaired promptly if you discover any.

Check the cutting edge

Make sure that the cutting edge itself has not become worn down. Your 4-in-1 bucket depends on a sharp cutting edge, so inspect it carefully (using gloves for safety) to ensure it has not become blunt. You may be able to sharpen it yourself, but you will probably want to take it to a professional if there is a problem.

Keep the cylinder clean

It is easy for mud or other debris to build up around the cylinder. You should clean it off regularly. The cylinder rod can become damaged by debris if it is allowed to accumulate.

Grease the bucket

Finally, make sure you grease the bucket regularly. Your manual will tell you how often to do this and where to grease it. You should apply the grease liberally. Make sure you wipe away any excess, as this could otherwise attract dirt and debris that could cause wear on the bucket.

These simple maintenance checks will ensure that your 4-in-1 bucket stays in full working order for many years to come. Just talk to your supplier if you have any further questions on how to look after your bucket. 

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